In the rhymes of our favorite "imaginary" Best Friend: 

You know where I'm at

You know where I be


don't give a fuck

Clean out dat Booty

....with a little TreasureBox

(he he he)

All you lonely lovers of the world runnin 'round, surfin.. keep doin you. It's real, I know! But while you out there sashayin, don't forget to check the mail, and I don't mean with Tyra! And certainly not the kind the post man brings either, unless he's got a hot insatia-bubble. Yeah, you know what I'm sayin. Get fresh, get results, and get back to it quick 'cuz another day is another dolla! H-O-L-L-A!

Special indeed -that's why we saved the best for last! Pick me and I will have you feeling the freshest in all the land (most likely to get you giggling the hardest too). You #dirtybitch! Christina Aguilara wasn't even that nasty; and NO, you can't even with Janet either. Go now and buy your way into heaven with GiggleBox 'cause the cleaner the puss the closer to Ru. 

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